3 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back For More!


Today, customers find themselves inundated with messages to buy the latest product or service.  It’s important to have a positive attitude that will attract and develop relationships with your customers.  So how do you stand out and keep customers coming back for more?

Here are 3 ways:

1. Add value for the customer! What do you bring to the table for your customer? Remember your customers are looking for you to solve a problem for them. The value that you provide to their business has to make sense to their mission, vision, and bottom line. This value has to benefit the customer.

2. Be authentic! In a day where it seems that we are moving away from being authentic, business owners can’t afford to do this when it comes to their customers. Your customers want to endorse you, support you, and stay loyal to you. However, you have to offer them something so they can do these things. Therefore, authenticity and being the “real” you is what will resonate with your customers. It’s all about relationship building!

3. Put in work to get work! In order to achieve the goals that you have set for your business and to attract customers, you have to put in hard work. It is important to make sure that your focus is on what will bring you the greatest return. This includes having a product or service that your customers will keep coming back for more.

Just to add a bonus way – great customer service! Think about your experience when you purchase an item or visit a place of business.  You are expecting great customer service!  The same should apply when customers are interested in your service or product.  Remember customers are your word of mouth promotion!

The message is quite simple…the customer needs help.  So all you have to do is help them!  Remember the customer needs you and is searching for you too! So keep being the solution for them.  Keep the customers coming back for more!

4 Ways To Keep Your Customer Service From Killing Your Business

How many times have you reached out to try a new service only to encounter difficulty in getting through to the company? Did you speak directly with someone only to be told they would get back in touch with you within a certain timeframe?

Did you think…I was looking forward to trying out their product or service only to be met by disappointment with the customer service?

A 2013 “Dimensional Research for Zendesk” study found 62 percent of business-to-business and 42 percent of business-to-consumer customers purchased more after enjoying a great customer-service experience. On the flip side, the same survey discovered 95 percent of customers share bad experiences with their network, compared to the 87 percent sharing a positive experience.

How do you keep your customer service from killing your business?  Here are four ways:

1) Always guarantee a timeframe that you will get back to your customers. If you mention their business is important to you, then get back to them and mean it. Be sure to “do what you say and when.” Even better “wow” them by responding earlier then the guaranteed timeframe.

2) Create a “Frequently Asked Questions”(FAQ’s) for the commonly asked questions about your product or service. This allows customers to get information while perusing your website. And if there are additional questions, you have already gotten a jump on the common questions. It’s all about anticipating the need!

3) Create or customize templates for your customers. This is a way to get back with your customers quickly. A template can be created from standard inquiries about your product or service.  Be sure that your templates portray your “authentic” voice. Your customers want to feel the genuineness behind your business and to know that you care.

4) If you are one of those busy entrepreneurs that wishes to focus on your “passion” then outsource. Often I hear entrepreneurs say they want to just focus on their craft. They don’t care to handle returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, paperwork, etc. But this is a part of the business. It’s important to “nail” the customer service so that customers can get to experience your passion and craft.

Remember if you didn’t have customers, how would you be in business? It’s important to know what type of solutions you offer to customers.  Do you solve a problem? Be sure your business offers solutions and not problems to customers.  It’s all about giving the gift of great customer service!