Tips For Your Business For Small Business Saturday!

Did you know that “Small Business Saturday” happens annually and is available for all business owners? This event began in 2010 and continues to grow year after year.  “Small Business Saturday” is happening on Saturday, November 25th and you have still have time to get ready!

American Express details that, “small businesses are the backbone of the community whether you are online or have a brick and mortar.” The contributions that you make are important and “Small Business Saturday” can be a great marketing tool for your business. I have already customized my materiaIs and love them. And we were also recipients of the FREE goodies offered by American Express. Check out our pictures below!

Now, how can you participate if you provide consultant services? Here are 4 tips:

1)  During Small Business Saturday, offer a percentage off your service or package.

2)  You can also consider throwing in an extra hour of service or a free service. Remember your offer should be of value to you and the customer.

3) You can also consider offering something similar during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Giving Tuesday.

4) Continue promoting “Shop Small” with your business even after the main Saturday event on November 25th! Get creative and add a monthly or quarterly percentage off.

We love Constant Contact! It has so many ideas and templates available to support your efforts. Check out this great infographic and tips here.

If you don’t have the time to manage these marketing efforts, this is where I can help! Schedule a free consultation with me here!


Ways to Grow Your Business and Blog!

I am super excited to share one of my secrets for great content and a resource that has been helpful to me…”Modern Social” magazine! I love this magazine and you will too!

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with the CEO and Founder of Modern Social, Matt Cherry.  Yes, this was my WOW moment (backward and forward). During my one-on-one conversation, I learned about Mr. Cherry’s business and management support of Virtual Assistants.  I was delighted to hear that we had the Virtual Assistant industry in common and this fueled my excitement even more to share this with my network and community.

My love for this magazine goes back to the days of “iBlog” which was the name before “Modern Social.”  I have shared this resource with my students and now want to share with everyone.

So why should you get this magazine and join this network of influencers? It’s simple…Modern Social seeks to encourage, elevate and inspire modern influencers to create incredible content and learn from the industry’s top social media experts, leading influencers and national brands how to grow a thriving online business.

You get access to leading experts, top influencers and marketing content to grow your online businesses and to connect with leading national brands for content marketing challenges, projects and campaigns.

Yes, you should absolutely check out Modern Social, I read it cover to cover and get new action items from experts.  So what are you waiting on? Get it today and check out my link here!


3 Ways to Get Organized!

Do you try to organize your day, week or month? If you attempt to juggle multiple priorities, staying organized through it all is key. It is helpful to organize your day so that you are able to nail your “to do” list but also meet your business goals and objectives.

Here are 3 ways to get organized:

  1. Keep to your schedule! If you are able to keep to your schedule by starting and ending things on time, there is an opportunity to move forward with your other projects. “Time chunking” which involves dedicating or setting aside time to do that one thing and that thing alone is a way to keep to your schedule. Mike Vardy describes “time chunking” as the concept of “breaking up your day into larger chunks instead of reacting to constant interruptions. The more chunks of time you can devote to specific tasks, the fewer start-up moments you will have, and your efficiency improves commensurately.”
  1. Prioritization is key! Since time is such a valuable commodity, it is helpful to prioritize your responsibilities or projects. This may sound like a “no-brainer” but it’s important to plan your day, week, and month. It is important to know where you are heading! You are able to achieve this when you have a clear picture of the things that are the priority.
  1. Time is short but you can get more money! Let’s just say you don’t have to wear a million hats in the world of being a “solopreneur” or “entrepreneur.” It pays to focus on what you do best! Remember you went in business to solve a problem for your clients/customers. It is difficult to focus on that if you major in the minutia. And quite frankly, why even bother focusing on the projects that you least enjoy. You can get support for those projects…like a Virtual Assistant!

Remember organization is key and can help you in supporting your customers and clients. Happy organizing!

3 Motivational Tips From Blogger Week!

I attended an amazing blog “unconference” over the weekend, “Blogger Week 2017” and what better way to share this experience than with a blog!

What was intriguing about the event were the number of bloggers, entrepreneurs, digital, and social media mavens all learning, engaging, networking, and growing together.  What an amazing experience with other bloggers on a similar trajectory as me.  Such an inspiring space to be in with bloggers sharing their dreams, goals, and vision for their blogs and beyond!

There were many great sessions to choose from such as Chantl Martin who shared about creating a “Big Hairy Audacious Vision” for your blog. Carla Thomas shared with attendees about “The Fly Girl Guide to Branding, Advertising, and Sponsorships.”  And finally, Courtney Rhodes shared about “Bossing Up Your Brand” and being the best version of you! So many powerful nuggets from these amazing presenters!

If you are thinking about starting a blog, a business, a new project, or something different as Nike says, “just do it!”  Do not look for perfection, but just start.

Need a little motivation this week; here are 3 things to remember:

  1. Continue to dream big!
  2. Continue to grind!
  3. Make your own definition of success!

Be sure to attend the conference next year; you won’t be disappointed!

3 Ways to Declutter in Work and Life!

When you look at this graphic, think about the words peace, focus, balance, and clarity! What do these words mean to you? What word would you add to the empty square? 

Have you found yourself busy as ever during the summer?  Have you found that you have tried to find a way to declutter when it comes to work and life?  Just as you take time to “spring clean” and toss out things that you might not need; it is important to inventory during the summer as well and find out ways to declutter.

Here are 3 ways to declutter:

  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Just think about the time you gain by delegating the duties that simply take up too much of your time! Your time is a precious commodity! Wouldn’t it be great to know that projects are moving forward without having to follow-up on every detail?  Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra pair of hands to help with some work around the house? Ask yourself what projects do you enjoy?  What do you least enjoy but are projects that are routine and are crucial to your work and life?  Those are some of the tasks that you can delegate!
  1. Only answer an email or phone call if it’s critical and you know who it is! Yes, I actually did say this! Answering that email or phone call within that moment could be a distraction. And can literally shift your focus from what you were working on before the email or call. Franklin Covey in his body of work entitled, “5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity” defines how we use work time as 70% urgencies and irrelevancies and 30% important priorities.” Think about establishing a numbering or color system for those “must email or phone calls” based upon what works for you.  For example, this system could be 1, 2, 3 for high, middle, or low priority.  The color system could be red, yellow, green for urgent, caution, and no action/for your information.
  1. Allow yourself to shift gears! When you are driving a car and shifting gears, you have to adjust based upon the road, hill, or what is around you. The same applies when you navigate through work and life. You have to prepare for the bumps or challenges that might come your way. And also as you are shifting gears, allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes.  When you are working on your successes in work and life, you might have some mistakes along the way.  The key is learning from the bumps or challenges.  We absolutely love the subtitle from Sam Weinman’s book, “Win at Losing.”  It is true that, “our biggest setbacks can lead to our greatest gains.”

You can declutter in work and life.  Don’t be afraid to delegate; only answer when it’s critical and you know who it is; and allow yourself to shift gears.  And if you need help with delegation, schedule a free consultation with us here to find out how we can help!

3 Ways to Balance Work and Life!

There is not enough time in the day!

How will I be able to get all of this done?

How do I have more balance between work and life?

Have you ever said this to yourself or even to someone else?

If you had more time in the day, would you spend it working or playing?  We have all heard about balance and finding ways to create a work/life balance.  Often what can happen as you focus your attention in one area; there is the potential for another area to be out of balance.  Here are 3 ways to balance your work and life (and even get your time back):

1. Establish a routine and stick to it! If you exercise first thing in the morning; stick to it. Exercising can help you have more energy and lead to a happier and healthier you. If you answer emails first thing in the morning, so that you are not overwhelmed when hitting the office; stick to it.  Whatever you do just establish and keep the routine.  Remember, do not allow other distractions to impede upon the time you have scheduled.

2. Plan ahead! Do not allow things to be last-minute. It is okay to plan months and even years in advance.  Yes, people can thrive under pressure.  However, it is important that everything is not a pressure type situation.  Just think, when you plan ahead, it can reduce stress.

3. Stop trying to do it all! The quickest way to complete all of your projects and tasks is to outsource! Well one way to get your time back is with a Virtual Assistant (hint hint)!  Do not worry because you will still have creative control and this will still be your business! Who wouldn’t appreciate more time to focus on the strategic side of the business? Today, there are so many ways to get the job done and entrepreneurs should take advantage of “more hands on deck.”

You can have more time in your day.  Don’t be afraid to establish that routine, plan ahead, and stop trying to do it all.  Schedule a free consultation with us here to find out how we can help!

3 Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Business!

Do you find yourself trying to do it all?

Do you find yourself listening to others definition of success?

Do you find yourself playing small instead of big?

If you answered yes to one or even all these questions, you are not alone! This can happen as you pursue both your personal and professional goals in business.  However, the key is to keep moving forward and not paralyze your progress.

If you have at one point tried to do it all, listened to others definition of success, or played small; here are 3 ways to keep you from making these mistakes in your business!

  1. Stop trying to do it all!  The quickest way to complete all of your projects and tasks is to outsource! Do not worry because you will still have creative control and this will still be your business! Outsourcing will free you up to do even more strategic things when it comes to your business. Today, there are so many ways to get the job done and entrepreneurs should take advantage of “more hands on deck.”
  1. Create your own definition of success!  Do not get bogged down in what others definition of success might be. Remember, all of our entrepreneurial journeys are different because simply put, we are all different. Create your own definition and then take the steps that will help you achieve that success!
  1. Do not play small!  Or rather let me say, do not sell yourself short! You can do this! Remind yourself and look at how far you have come with your business and professional goals. Yes, there is always room for more growth, but it’s important to celebrate your successes.  After all, you are amazing and have many opportunities and resources available to you.

Remember keep moving your business forward and do not paralyze your progress! If you need outsourcing support, we can help!

3 Ways to Keep Moving in March!

There is less than a week left in March! Do you still have some items that need completion before the end of the month?  Even if you had some minor setbacks to “get it moving” this entire month, why not get ready to end the first quarter strong!

Here are 3 ways:

  1. Remember the why! When you are working to complete your tasks or projects, remember why you started. It is easy to lose focus on why you started but remember the big picture.  Small and collected efforts can lead to big outcomes.
  1. Do not leave stones unturned! As you are navigating in meeting your business strategies, it is important not to leave any stones unturned.  What does that mean?  As you embark upon new partnerships at networking opportunities, be sure to follow up.  As you have projects and tasks that need your attention, do everything it takes to follow up and complete them!  Those “unturned stones” could be the opportunity to land a potential client or lead to significant outcomes in your business.
  1. Do not be afraid to make adjustments! Do not let fear grip or stop you. Changes are important in keeping up with the latest things within your industry and taking risks to go further in your business.  And if you need to make adjustments, as Nike reminds us…”just do it!”

As you are getting ready to close out the first quarter and embark upon the next quarter, remember to focus on your why, don’t leave stones unturned, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments.  Keep it moving!


3 Ways to Get Moving in March!

business-graphics-1236315It’s the third month of the year! Have you found yourself slowing down since the beginning of the year?  It is important to have focus and clarity so you are able to get moving!

Here are 3 ways:

  1. Make it happen! If what you wanted to achieve these past couple months didn’t occur then it’s time to make it happen now. At the beginning of the year, I shared in a blog post about having solutions versus resolutions. When your solutions are relative to goals (and S-M-A-R-T) ones, it helps in staying on target. The quote by Dan Pink sums it up:

“People fail to achieve mastery not because they aren’t talented but because they aren’t disciplined!”

  1. Keep things in perspective! Remember the big picture. What are the steps that you will need to take to secure that big client or achieve that next goal? Your smaller steps are what will lead you to the big picture.  Just remember, do not think everything should be perfect. It is more important to just get moving!
  1. Accentuate the positive! There is power in positive thinking. It can make or break your day. I had a mentor that would commonly say, “you create the weather in your department and so what’s the forecast today?” Are you walking around spreading sunshine or swirling around like a tornado? Your mindset and positive thinking assists in the ability to land that next client or achieve that next goal. So get moving with the power of positive thinking!

And the bonus way–

Maximize your time! Prioritize and organize your day so that you are able to accomplish your “to do” list. However, do not put so much pressure on yourself because of the other 3 ways we have mentioned in this post.

If you are expecting different results than your approach or method should be different. Don’t worry there is a part 2 coming along with more ways! In the meantime what are you waiting on…get moving in March!




3 Ways to Follow Through!

follow-up-graphicDo you have a hard time following through? Of course, it’s easier to follow through on the projects or tasks that you enjoy doing and sometimes it’s just about having the time.  If you have put off completing a task as we speak, you have landed on the right blog post for a boost to get things done and follow through! Here are 3 ways:

  1. Outsource! If follow through is not your thing then outsource! Today, there are so many ways to get the job done and entrepreneurs should take advantage of “more hands on deck.” Take a moment to figure out what are some of the tasks or projects that aren’t your favorite but are required for the success of your business? And, also think what is the cost of you not completing this task? This is what you need to outsource.
  1. Work Smarter! You might have heard a time or two, “work smarter, not harder.” Well how do you accomplish this when it comes to follow through? One way is by promising less so that you can deliver more! It’s easier to try to focus on five things versus a thousand things. Moreover, it is all about balance, which will allow you to focus on the strategic initiatives when it comes to your business.
  1. Think Urgency! Why put off tomorrow what you can do today, right? Yes, remember that your follow through is important because it provides the opportunity to yield positive results for your business. Your urgency can be the difference in landing that next big client and deal! Therefore, you have to be willing to push forward with a sense of urgency when completing your tasks and projects.

Remember while you do have a choice to follow through, no business owner wants to miss out on potential customers.  A Virtual Assistant can always help with follow through. Just contact us here and we would love to help!