3 Reasons We Love Linktree!

One of the things that can be time consuming is continuously editing the link in your profile on Instagram. Often, when you are posting you refer followers to “click the link in our bio.” And let’s say that you have created this great post and forgot to update the link. Yes, this happens to even the best of us.

Alex and Anthony Zaccaria along with Nick Humphreys have created this great resource Linktree which makes it easier to provide Instagram users with what I like to call a “one stop shop.” I love it! Here are just a few reasons why:

1)  Simplicity and convenience all in one link! I now have links that will direct followers to my multiple destinations which include: my website; my Virtual Assistant Mini-Bootcamp (plug here); blog; newsletter; FB; Twitter; and free download (another plug here). You can link your followers to any of these that I have mentioned and more!

2) It is aesthetically appealing! Yes, it is easy on the eyes and doesn’t crowd your Instagram profile with a long URL that can make it difficult to see the other pertinent information in your bio. You can also change the colors of your Linktree profile to match your logo which can assist with your overall brand look.

3) Easy to manage!  Let’s face it, entrepreneurs are looking for ease of navigation and ways to save time (consider a Virtual Assistant…another plug). This link can help save time and providers users with a chance to do more!

And our bonus reason is of course it assists with the world of Instagram optimization. The whole world of editing  Instagram profiles just got easier. Free and pro options are available. Happy linking! Check out my profile here!



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