3 Ways To Put Time In Perspective!

Where has all my time gone? Does this sound like a familiar question? You might be familiar with the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun.”  Well time flies whether you like it or not and fun or not. And quite frankly if we had more hours in the day, who says we would want to spend them working as opposed to being on a vacation or spending time with family and friends.business-graphics-1236283

In the book, “The Smart Guide to Winning Your Time Back,” by Jeff Davidson it shares:

“Any activity in which you engage for only 60 minutes a day will take two solid years of your 48 years. How so? Quick math lesson, 1 hour is to 48 hours as one year is to 48 years.

Math buffs, here it is in equation form – 1 hour is to 48 hours as 1 year is to 48 years, or 1/48 = 1/48”

Wouldn’t you rather spend more time on the things you enjoy versus what you do not enjoy? Besides not doing it all can work wonders for you, your health, your family and business.  So how do you put time in perspective?

Here are 3 ways:

  1. Work smarter not harder! Working longer is not the answer rather it’s about working smarter. While there are times you might need to work overtime don’t let it be the norm. Instead establish new routines that will allow you to automate and delegate projects.
  2. Prioritization is key! Since time is such a valuable commodity, it is helpful to prioritize your responsibilities or projects. This may sound like a “no-brainer” but it’s important to plan your week. It is important to know where you are headed! You are able to achieve this when you have a clear picture of the things that are the priority.
  3. Time is short but you can get more money! Let’s just say you don’t have to wear a million hats in the world of being a “solopreneur” or “entrepreneur.” It pays to focus on what you do best! Remember you went in business to solve a problem for your clients/customers. It’s difficult to focus on that if you are bogged down in the minutia. And quite frankly, why even bother focusing on the projects that you least enjoy.

Hey, it’s not too late to get time in perspective! After all summer is coming…the beach, family, friends are calling your name!


3 More Ways To Save 15+ Hours A Week!

Are you still looking for MORE ways to save 15+ hours a week? We decided to continue our blog from a few weeks ago and give even more ways to save 15+ hours a week!

If you missed our first post, be sure to check it out – “3 Ways to Save 15+ Hours A Week!”

Realistically, there is only one you! And it is often hard to find enough time to Clock 2get things done.

Having a Virtual Assistant (VA) can literally provide you with another set of hands on deck. A VA is a great resource to save you time and money by providing specialized administrative, technical, and creative support solutions. Even further, a VA can partner with you in the growth of your business.

Here are 3 ways to save that time:

1) Keep to your schedule! If you are able to keep to your schedule by starting and ending things on time, you have the opportunity to move forward with your other projects. “Time chunking” which involves dedicating or setting aside time to do that one thing and that thing alone is a way to keep to your schedule.

2) Automate things! There are so many advances in technology — use it to your advantage. If you are able to automate things it can be a great way to multiply your efforts. There are so many technological tools out there to accomplish this! Further, a VA can get you automated — autoresponders, templates, and online appointment scheduling are just a few ways in accomplishing this goal.

3) Outsource! When you decide that you want to gain more time, outsourcing to a VA takes away the expenses associated with office space, computers, and other equipment. And you avoid employee benefits, avoid training time, and no downtime costs. Most importantly, with a VA you have another extension to your team. You have a team member committed to contributing to the mission, vision, and goals of your company!

As I shared before, time is a valuable commodity. It’s important to have time and not let time have you! These are just a few ways a VA can help you get your time back. Check us out here!