Why You Should Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s the 1st day of January! Have you come up with a set of New Year’s resolutions? Are you afraid that you will “fall off the wagon” with some of the resolutions for yourself and business? 

Instead of resolutions for the New Year; why not think about “solutions” that you can achieve this year for yourself and business. I believe that goal setting is also a great way to come up with these solutions. Additionally, establishing “SMART” goals for the year will assist with your “solutions.”

So, what exactly are SMART goals and how do you have them? I am glad you asked! 🙂 Quick history lesson, the SMART acronym first appeared in the November 1981 Management Review.  “There’s a S.M.A.R.T way to write management goals and objectives,” shares George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham.

The five criteria include:

Specific: Target a specific area for improvement

Measurable: Quantify, or at least suggest, an indicator of progress

Assignable: Specify who will do it

Realistic: State what results can realistically be achieved given available resources.

Time-related: Specify when the result can be achieved.

Remember, goals are important and serve as an effective strategy in making plans happen.  You might be familiar with the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Planning is essential to your goals.  It is important that your goals are not just something in your head, but rather doable steps. Additionally, you need a process that aligns with what you should do when it comes to your goals. 

The success of you and your business depends on your ability to set and achieve goals. Remember, it’s a new year, however it also requires a new mindset and doing things differently!


3 Ways To Achieve Success This Year!

It’s a new year with new opportunities! The possibilities are endless, however the success of the year depends on you!  Here are three ways to achieve success this year: 

1) Consistency is key! One reason it can be difficult to achieve success is being inconsistent. Establish a routine and stick to it. Your routine should not be something that you visit every week or even month. Don’t paralyze your own progress by not being consistent and disciplined in meeting your business goals and objectives.

2) Create your own definition of success!  Do not get bogged down in what others definition of success might be. Remember, all of our entrepreneurial journeys are different because simply put, we are all different. Create your own definition and then take the steps that will help you achieve that success!

3) Do not be afraid to make adjustments! Do not let fear grip or stop you. Changes are important in keeping up with the latest things within your industry and taking risks to go further in your business.  And if you need to make adjustments, as Nike reminds us…”just do it!”

So get to it and make it your best, successful year ever!

Say No to New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s the 1st day of January…the New Year! What are you planning to achieve this year for yourself, family, or your business?

Instead of making resolutions for the New Year; why not think about “solutions” that you can achieve this year for yourself, family, or business.

Solutions Graphic I believe that goal setting is also a great way to come up with these solutions (shameless plug for our next blog post). So what “solutions” will help you be intentional when it comes to your vision, goals, and dreams this year?  Here are 3 things to consider when it comes to your “solutions” this year:

  1. Focus! Dare to focus! It’s important to minimize distractions. Learn how to “loan yourself out less.” It’s okay to focus on one thing at a time. You can be more effective this way and it limits the feeling of being overwhelmed. This way you are able to focus on the things that are instrumental in moving forward in regard to you, family, and business.
  1. Time! Have time and don’t let time have you! Everyone feels there is an increased pressure and demand on their time. Since time is such a valuable commodity, it’s important to not let have time have you. Create a schedule that allows you to focus. Determine what is vital and what is not. So set short and long-term goals for yourself, family, or business.
  1. Eliminate pressure! Be kind to yourself and eliminate pressure! Don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t quite go according to plan. Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to do and be successful overnight. This journey is not a sprint but a marathon. Remember that “all” efforts become “collected” efforts toward a goal or dream. Pause and take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. Think about where you started and how far you have come.

I challenge you on your journey this year to remember these “solutions” instead of “resolutions.” Here’s to making it a great 2017!