3 Ways to Follow Through!

follow-up-graphicDo you have a hard time following through? Of course, it’s easier to follow through on the projects or tasks that you enjoy doing and sometimes it’s just about having the time.  If you have put off completing a task as we speak, you have landed on the right blog post for a boost to get things done and follow through! Here are 3 ways:

  1. Outsource! If follow through is not your thing then outsource! Today, there are so many ways to get the job done and entrepreneurs should take advantage of “more hands on deck.” Take a moment to figure out what are some of the tasks or projects that aren’t your favorite but are required for the success of your business? And, also think what is the cost of you not completing this task? This is what you need to outsource.
  1. Work Smarter! You might have heard a time or two, “work smarter, not harder.” Well how do you accomplish this when it comes to follow through? One way is by promising less so that you can deliver more! It’s easier to try to focus on five things versus a thousand things. Moreover, it is all about balance, which will allow you to focus on the strategic initiatives when it comes to your business.
  1. Think Urgency! Why put off tomorrow what you can do today, right? Yes, remember that your follow through is important because it provides the opportunity to yield positive results for your business. Your urgency can be the difference in landing that next big client and deal! Therefore, you have to be willing to push forward with a sense of urgency when completing your tasks and projects.

Remember while you do have a choice to follow through, no business owner wants to miss out on potential customers.  A Virtual Assistant can always help with follow through. Just contact us here and we would love to help!


3 More Ways To Save 15+ Hours A Week!

Are you still looking for MORE ways to save 15+ hours a week? We decided to continue our blog from a few weeks ago and give even more ways to save 15+ hours a week!

If you missed our first post, be sure to check it out – “3 Ways to Save 15+ Hours A Week!”

Realistically, there is only one you! And it is often hard to find enough time to Clock 2get things done.

Having a Virtual Assistant (VA) can literally provide you with another set of hands on deck. A VA is a great resource to save you time and money by providing specialized administrative, technical, and creative support solutions. Even further, a VA can partner with you in the growth of your business.

Here are 3 ways to save that time:

1) Keep to your schedule! If you are able to keep to your schedule by starting and ending things on time, you have the opportunity to move forward with your other projects. “Time chunking” which involves dedicating or setting aside time to do that one thing and that thing alone is a way to keep to your schedule.

2) Automate things! There are so many advances in technology — use it to your advantage. If you are able to automate things it can be a great way to multiply your efforts. There are so many technological tools out there to accomplish this! Further, a VA can get you automated — autoresponders, templates, and online appointment scheduling are just a few ways in accomplishing this goal.

3) Outsource! When you decide that you want to gain more time, outsourcing to a VA takes away the expenses associated with office space, computers, and other equipment. And you avoid employee benefits, avoid training time, and no downtime costs. Most importantly, with a VA you have another extension to your team. You have a team member committed to contributing to the mission, vision, and goals of your company!

As I shared before, time is a valuable commodity. It’s important to have time and not let time have you! These are just a few ways a VA can help you get your time back. Check us out here!

3 Ways To Save 15+ Hours A Week!

Are you finding there is not enough time in the day to get things done? Are you trying to find ways to get your time back? As an entrepreneur, it’s often hard to find time to complete all the tasks that come your way. Clock

I shared in my last blog, “3 Ways To Intentional Success in 2016” that it’s important to have time and don’t let time have you. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a great resource to save you time and money by providing specialized administrative, technical, and creative support solutions. And a VA can help you save 15+ hours a week.

Here are 3 ways to save that time:

1) Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Just think about the time you gain by delegating the duties that simply take up too much of your time! Your time is a precious commodity! Wouldn’t it be great to know that projects are moving forward without having to follow up on every detail? Ask yourself what projects do you enjoy? What do you least enjoy but are projects that are routine and are crucial to your business? Those are some of the tasks that you can delegate!

2) Share some of your “hats” – you don’t have to do it all yourself! When you take off a few hats and share them, you are able to focus on other initiatives or strategies that require your attention or those items that are business drivers for your company. And when you share some of those hats, you provide the opportunity for others to buy into your vision. This can even lead to referrals for your business.

3) Only answer an email or phone call if it’s critical and you know who it is! Yes, I actually did say this! Answering that email or phone call within that moment could be a distraction. And can literally shift your focus from what you were working on prior to the email or call. Franklin Covey in his body of work entitled, “5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity” defines how we use work time as 70% urgencies and irrelevancies and 30% important priorities.”

Time is a valuable commodity. And these are just a few ways a VA can help you get your time back. Check us out here!