3 Ways to Follow Through!

follow-up-graphicDo you have a hard time following through? Of course, it’s easier to follow through on the projects or tasks that you enjoy doing and sometimes it’s just about having the time.  If you have put off completing a task as we speak, you have landed on the right blog post for a boost to get things done and follow through! Here are 3 ways:

  1. Outsource! If follow through is not your thing then outsource! Today, there are so many ways to get the job done and entrepreneurs should take advantage of “more hands on deck.” Take a moment to figure out what are some of the tasks or projects that aren’t your favorite but are required for the success of your business? And, also think what is the cost of you not completing this task? This is what you need to outsource.
  1. Work Smarter! You might have heard a time or two, “work smarter, not harder.” Well how do you accomplish this when it comes to follow through? One way is by promising less so that you can deliver more! It’s easier to try to focus on five things versus a thousand things. Moreover, it is all about balance, which will allow you to focus on the strategic initiatives when it comes to your business.
  1. Think Urgency! Why put off tomorrow what you can do today, right? Yes, remember that your follow through is important because it provides the opportunity to yield positive results for your business. Your urgency can be the difference in landing that next big client and deal! Therefore, you have to be willing to push forward with a sense of urgency when completing your tasks and projects.

Remember while you do have a choice to follow through, no business owner wants to miss out on potential customers.  A Virtual Assistant can always help with follow through. Just contact us here and we would love to help!



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