3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the 2016 Olympics!

Go For The Gold!

If you kept up with the 2016 Olympics in Rio, it was filled with various sports where athletes experienced the victories, defeats, highs, lows, joys, and pains, associated with their respective events.  It was also filled with determination, grit, goals, dreams, and visions.

We watched in awe, anticipation, and pure delight as we have seen some of our favorites, Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Simone Manuels, Katie Ledecky, Gwen Jorgensen, Gabby Douglas, Allyson Felix, Helen Maroulis, Lilly King, Michelle Carter, Aly Raisman, and Laurie Hernandez. This list goes on and on with the number of talented and just simply inspiring athletes in Rio. Victories, defeats, joys, pain, dreams, goals…doesn’t this sound like the life of an entrepreneur? After all, it’s all about “going for the gold” in business.olympic medals

So what can we learn from these amazing athletes? Here are the 3 lessons entrepreneurs can learn:

1. Show up to win! Many of the athletes had to prepare mentally long before the start of the 2016 Olympic Games. This preparation was years in the making which included costs associated with equipment, memberships to certain facilities, and coaching, just to name a few. The athletes had to decide early on in the process in order to win…I have to show up! Showing up doesn’t just mean in the physical sense but also showing up with the mental mindset, writing down visions, dreams, and goals as it relates to the strategies to win. You have to have heart and visualize success.

Entrepreneurs have to adopt the same methods as they approach their businesses. It means being prepared when you are working with your clients, being able to exceed their expectations, and going the extra mile. Remember in order to “go for the gold” you have to show up to win.

2. Train for opportunities daily! The athletes at the Olympics didn’t just wake up and decide the next day I am ready to run this marathon, complete my balance beam routine, or swim the 100 meters without any training. There was a process prior to attending the 2016 Olympic Games which included working with their coach, long-term training, having a dream, setting goals, getting into the right mindset, just to name a few things.

In business, entrepreneurs must be training for opportunities daily by providing excellent customer service and completing projects on time.  Entrepreneurs should also take advantage of seminars, courses, coaching, and mentorship so they can compete in business. It’s not an overnight process for athletes and the same would apply to entrepreneurs. It requires endurance to “go for the gold!” olympic-rings-on-white

3. Even when it gets tough, keep going! I would imagine at some juncture during these athletes training and very strict regimen there was an obstacle they experienced and had to navigate through. This obstacle could have made the difference in deciding not to pursue their dreams. Or on the flip side, it could have increased their fervor to keep going despite the obstacle.

In business, there are obstacles that might occur as we work on an important project; prepare for a major event; or close a major deal.  However, we have to continue to pursue the finish line and “go for the gold!”

Remember you have to show up to win! Train for opportunities daily and even when it gets tough make sure you still “go for the gold”!


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