Are You Overthinking Everything? Here are 3 Ways to Stop!

Have you ever thought over and over again about a project, task, or plan that you had to complete?  Did you think, “if I just make a decision than I can just move on and not stall my progress?” This can happen as you pursue both personal and professional goals with your business. girl-thinking

We have all been there before.  It is easy to overthink a situation when just making a decision could relieve you of the pressure. However, it’s when we do not move forward that we stagnate or even paralyze our growth and progress.

So what can you do to not overthink when it comes to your project, tasks, or plans?  Here are a few tips:

1) Just start! Sometimes the fear of getting started or thinking it might not go according to plan can hinder you from making a decision. Remember, don’t let the start stop you. Don’t feel like the moment has to be perfect.

2) Allow yourself to shift gears! When you are driving a car and shifting gears, you have to adjust based upon the road, hill, or what is around you. The same applies when taking on a project. You have to prepare for the bumps or challenges that might come your way.

3) Allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes! When you are working on your success, remember that you might make some mistakes along the way. It doesn’t mean that you have failed.  The key is learning from them.  We absolutely love the subtitle from Sam Weinman’s new book, “Win at Losing.”  It is true that, “our biggest setbacks can lead to our greatest gains.”

So stop overthinking! Put that project, task, or plan in motion!



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